Best Backyard Deck Ideas – Wood And Composite Decking Designs

If the backyard sets the stage for your home’s potential, the deck is undoubtedly the stage itself.

Whether you are entertaining guests or taking a quiet moment’s repose, the deck is where luxury and leisure meet, and your deck’s design speaks volumes of your approach to both.

No matter the size or scope of your house, there is a perfect backyard deck to suit your needs. From simple brick and cement verandas to palatial Pacific-inspired lanais, there is a wealth of backyard deck ideas to choose from. Summer nights and early spring mornings are just around the corner, making this the perfect time to transform your house’s exterior into a celebrated domestic paradise. From stained wood to polished stone, the backyard deck was made to match your material of choice.

A backyard deck can evoke the splendor of a retreat in the Hamptons or simplicity of the finest suburban stronghold, and your moment of reprieve can award a lifetime of enjoyment. The outside world may provide little time or space for those timeless moments worth savoring–a cold beer with your closest friends or starry night curled up with your partner–but these backyard deck ideas are your chance to take that moment back and what’s more, make it last.

Ground-level decks are perfect for improving the aesthetics of small backyard spaces. This deck is built around several trees in order to provide room for them to grow. When building a ground-level deck, consider adding height with built-in features like planters or seating areas. If there is a slight slope to the yard, building two tiers is a great way to add some interest and function.

Backyard Decking Designs

If your deck runs alongside a kitchen window, a design like this could maximize your entertaining potential. The window shelf is in the perfect place to serve as both a buffet and a food prep area. Food can be passed through the window to and from the grill, making short work of cooking for big parties.

Backyard Decks And Patios Ideas

If you’re looking to give everyone a reason to gather around, a deck-top fire pit might be the perfect addition to your deck seating area. There are many designs and options, so finding something to fit your aesthetic shouldn’t be a challenge. The circular seating area makes sure everyone feels involved in the conversation. While this design might require a bit of space on your deck, we’re sure no one will mind giving up square footage for great memories.

Backyard Patio Deck Ideas

This deck-lighting idea looks incredible at night. The under-mount lights are built into the underside of the railing so they’re not noticeable during the day. Come nightfall, a flick of the switch sends light from under the top-rail to the deck surface, illuminating the cable railings along the way. If you’re looking to add lighting to your deck project, this design will be the envy of all your friends.

Backyard Wood Deck Railing Lighting Ideas

Covered decks can be the ideal place to take in the scenery. Not only does this mountain house have big, beautiful front windows, it also has an awesome outdoor space to hang out on. The wood decking material is a great choice as it matches the rustic design seamlessly while also providing a natural feel.

Awesome Covered Backyard Deck Ideas